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Do you do better with some comaraderie? Nutrition Coaching doesn't have to be alone. Grab some family and friends and let's make a coaching group just for you! Together with your coach, you will strategize, make goals, and hold each other accountable. Let's get the needle moving together!


Step One

Have each member of your group complete the Intake Process.

***Minimum of 5 People

Step 2

Let's Talk Schedule

Your coach will reach out to the group and we'll decide on a weekly meeting time that fits with everyone's schedule.

Step Three

Download Our App

Download the Everfit App, where you'll interact with your team and coach, track your food, results, workouts, and more.

Step Four

Meet Your Coach

Let's meet as a team. Together, we'll discuss everyone's goals, current eating habits, lifestyle, and more. Your coach will outline the plan they see fit for your group, how you'll check in with them each evening, what you'll do for your weekly video chats and answer any questions you may have.

Step 5

Time to Grind

Your coach and team are here for you! Follow the plan you discussed, check in on the app each evening, and strive to be one step better each day! Remember, progress, not perfection!

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Click the link below to sign up for a Free 15 Minute Consultation. During this video chat with a MTN team member, you'll discuss your group's goals, ask questions, and hear more about MTN and how our program works.