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Facts and Questions

As an MTN client you’ll have full access to the MTN App including progress monitoring features, recipes, educational documents, chat features, and more. You’ll work one-on-one with a Nutrition Coach. Your coach will develop a custom nutrition plan based on your goals, eating style, and habits. You’ll have weekly video-chat check-ins with your coach, as well as guaranteed 24/hr response time from your coach in the messaging feature of the app. Your coach will provide you with the accountability, guidance, and support that you wouldn’t have going at this alone!

Yep! Our coaches have tried out TONS of dietary lifestyles and many of our coaches have a specialty (vegan, keto, etc) Be as thorough as you can on the Intake Forms so we can match you up with the perfect coach for you!

No problem! Shoot them a message in the text chat feature of the app. You’ll have a 24hr guaranteed response time.

Accountability, guidance, and timely tweaks to help you hit your body composition and/or performance goals! Coaching doesn’t have to stop at macro composition. You and your coach will explore food choices and quality, as well as timing meals to support workouts and recovery. We can be as targeted as you’re ready to get!

Great, we’d love to hear more about them! Be as specific as you can when filing out the Intake Forms. We want to know foods you can’t live without as well as the one’s you’ll never eat. Our goal is to create a plan that is healthy and sustainable. This means incorporating all those “can’t live without” foods… in moderation of course 🙂

Instead of telling you exactly WHAT to eat a week, MTN is all about teaching you HOW to reach your goals while enjoying the foods that you love. This is what makes our plans sustainable! Nothing you eat will be decided by anyone but you, isn’t that great? But, not to worry! You’ll have plenty of guidance from your coach about good, better, and best options.

We do! Our knowledgeable coaches and doctors can help support both a healthy pregnancy and recovery. 

We build relationships! You will get to meet face-to-face, virtually with your coach each week instead of merely getting text advice. You’ll get to know each other and feel their constant support for you on your wellness journey. No two plans we create are ever the same. You are an individual, with specific needs, goals, likes, and dislikes and your plan will reflect that.

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