Move The Needle

Meet the team


Medical Advisor


Awards and Certifications:

Doctor of Physical Therapy

BA Biology

Favorite Food: Sushi and pancakes! (But not together)

Favorite Place: Castle Hill, New Zealand

Life Mantra: “Strong back, soft front”.

Katie received her B.A in Biology from Arcadia University in 2014 before completing her doctoral studies at The Sage Colleges in Troy,  NY. Katie has been at Moriarty Physical Therapy for two years and specializes in orthopedic rehab and pediatrics. After meeting several members of Warlock through work and seeing their passion and excitement about the gym, Katie decided to join. Here, the coaches helped transform the way she thought about mindset, nutrition and fitness.

As a physical therapist, Katie believes in a comprehensive approach to rehab incorporating different aspects of health to therapy while always keeping patient specific goals in mind. Katie focuses on preventative care and helping patients develop strategies they can take outside the clinic. She is thankful for the opportunity to challenge and improve her health everyday and wants to use her role as a physical therapist to help others do the same. Outside of Moriarty and Warlock you can find her snacking, traveling and spending lots of time with friends and family.