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Meet the team

Nutrition Coach


Awards and Certifications:

Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College

Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Burlington Physical Therapy Founder/ Co-owner

Precision Nutrition L1

CrossFit L1 Trainer

Wodapooloza First Place Women’s Team Intermediate Division 2018

Favorite Place: besides the rolling hills of Tuscany, the family cottage on Cape Cod in the winter

Guilty Pleasure: nerding out on crossword puzzles

Favorite Food: peanut butter chocolate overnight oats, breakfast of champions!

Brittany was introduced to Crossfit in Providence, RI in 2012. With a gymnastics, rowing and running background, she was immediately hooked on the sport that incorporates so many of her favorite athletics. She has since competed in numerous Crossfit competitions including the Granite Games in Minnesota in 2015, Wodapooloza in Miami in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and countless local competitions.

Brittany is an orthopedic physical therapist and owns her own practice within a CrossFit gym in Burlington, VT. She works with Crossfit athletes frequently and enjoys working with athletes of all sports and ability levels.

She became interested in nutrition as she found many of her patient’s injuries were connected to their diets, sleep patterns, and recovery methods. A coach at her gym, CrossFit Burlington, had joined WAG and brought Brittany on board. Brittany was coached through utilizing her nutrition to fuel her athletic events, choosing appropriate foods for performance, and the benefits of local, healthy foods to maintain overall health and wellness. She frequently incorporates nutrition into her physical therapy sessions to help patients and clients recover, heal and prevent injuries, and to achieve balance in their lives.