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The Main Reasons to Move the Needle

Individualized Coaching

No two people get the same plan. Yours will be tailored to your goals, preferences, and lifestyle


Record your progress daily and check in with your coach once a week to reflect, celebrate, and tweak your plan

Nutrition Education

Learn what works best for YOU! Your coach will work with you on mindset, consistency, macronutrients, food choices, habits, and more

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MTN Nutrition

(One-on-one support)


3 month commitment

Weekly formal check-ins with your coach.
Guaranteed 24hr/ response time.
Flexible nutrition styles and dietary needs Keto, vegan, vegetarian etc.
Access to members only Facebook group.
Exclusive macro counting education.
Accountability and support from your individual coach.




MTN Alumni


Only available to those who have been members for 6 or more consecutive months.

Monthly progress check-ins with your coach.
Continued coaching and support with guaranteed 24/hr response time.
Advanced macro-tracking info center.
Accountability and support from individual coach.



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