Vanessa Villagomez RN, BSN

Nutrition Coach

Vanessa was first introduced to CrossFit by one of her friends from high school.  After graduating from nursing school, Vanessa wanted to give herself the “gift of fitness and health”.  She wanted to reward herself by getting as healthy as she possibly could.  After not finding interest in any fitness regimens, her friend sent her a CrossFit youtube video titled “beauty in strength” – and she was immediately hooked!  She instantly googled gyms near her home and the next day she walked in to a CrossFit gym to observe a class.  That was 7 years ago and she has never looked back!  She fell in love with CrossFit instantly and the rest is history.  She enjoyed the feelings of strength and empowerment through every workout and knowing that there was so much room for progress. Not having an athletic background, Vanessa had to start from scratch.  She stayed consistent and motivated, and even to this day she continues to work hard on her fitness journey.  CrossFit led her to discover other forms of fitness and to find enjoyment in them.  She feels confident going to a globo gym to get a workout in from time to time and incorporates yoga into her fitness regimen as well.  Recently, Vanessa decided she wanted to start running and so she signed herself up for a half and full marathon.  She decided to rely solely on CrossFit and not follow a typical running program.  She thanks CrossFit for her sub 2 hour half marathon time and sub 4 hour marathon times (TWICE!).  This has sparked a new fire in her to qualify for the big races (Boston!).  However, CrossFit is only one piece of the puzzle for her. A couple months into CrossFit, Vanessa decided it was time to start to incorporate proper nutrition to help her success in the gym and overall health.  Over the years, Vanessa has worked with multiple coaches who ALL had different approaches.  She learned what worked best and what didn’t work as well.  She also has experimented with different nutrition regimens herself such as keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and counting macros.  From all of this, she learned how to really be in tune with her body and recognize what works best for her.  She decided to give macro counting a full focus and signed up to work with a coach 1:1.  Working with a nutrition coach allowed Vanessa to realize how important nutrition was for performance in the gym and results outside of the gym.  She is now the strongest, healthiest, and most athletic she has ever been.  Working with a nutrition coach and educating herself on her own time made her realize how much she loves nutrition.  She also would get people, family, and friends asking for nutrition help all the time. Vanessa then decided to finally sign up for Precision Nutrition’s certification program to better help those who came to her with nutrition questions or advice.  After 7 years of crossfit, Vanessa also decided that it was time to finally get her CrossFit L-1 certification.  She is now a coach at CrossFit Inversion/CrossFit Inversion West in Southern California. 

Vanessa is an Operating Room Registered Nurse.  Her main background is general, cardiovascular, and liver/kidney transplant surgeries.  She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL.  Being a nurse has allowed Vanessa to use her nursing background to educate clients about their health in the fitness and nutrition realm.  Vanessa wanted to become a nurse since she was a kid and it was her ‘dream job’ because she wanted to help people.  Little did she know that she would discover some new passions along the way that would allow her to use her nursing knowledge to continue to do what she loves to do. Vanessa loves to educate her clients on the importance of exercise and nutrition; all while living a balanced life! Vanessa believes there is no end all and be all when it comes to nutrition and she loves helping people realize that a balanced and healthy nutrition program can be tailored individually and work for everyone!

Outside of work (and the gym), Vanessa loves to go to the beach (sunsets are her favorite!).  A nice walk or a run on the beach in the morning gets her day to a great start!  Her guilty pleasure is exploring coffee shops for the best cup of coffee. Vanessa also enjoys spending her time with her friends, going to church, spending time with family, reading, and continually learning about fitness and nutrition.