Sara Zeyher

Chief Operating Officer / Nutrition Coach

Sara is a certified health coach in the New York Hudson Valley helping athletes of all levels enhance recovery and performance through clean, balanced eating. Sara’s passion for clean eating stemmed from her own personal nutritional exploration and transformation. Growing up, Sara was always seen as thin and therefore healthy, but struggled with autoimmune issues and incorrect diagnoses due to a poor response to outdated “healthy” nutritional standards. After reversing years of the healthy “American diet” and achieving health and wellness, Sara took her nutrition to new heights using it to transform her physical performance as a CrossFitter. Today, Sara coaches and competes in the world of CrossFit and counsels athletes of all walks of life through healthy eating in order to achieve optimal weight, reduce cravings, sleep better, and maximize strength, energy and recovery. Sara works with clients one-on-one to develop healthy sustainable habits.

Awards & Certifications:

Precision Nutrition Level 1

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

MA Educational Psychology 

Aerobic Capacity Ambasador 

I’d rather be… on the beach

Favorite Food: Thai Food

Life Mantra: Love the chase.

Favorite Music: 90’s alternative…