Heather Rancourt

Nutrition Coach

In 2015 Heather was looking for something to boost her confidence and help her get into shape after being a stay at home mom for 7 years with 2 young daughters. She tried out Warlock CrossFit & soon fell in love with the sport, the community and the way it was transforming her body. 
In 2017 Heather took her CrossFit Level 1 course and started coaching young children, teens and adults at Warlock. After a year she became a fulltime coach and obtained her CrossFit Level 2 at Reebok One in Boston. 
Shortly after making this career change Heather realized that doing just CrossFit was not going to help her achieve many goals she had, such as losing fat, gaining muscle, looking great in a bikini again after two pregnancies and performing well at lifting/metcons inside the gym. She dove deeper and took a long hard look at her nutrition. After making some changes to her lifestyle and her nutrition choices with the help of some of MTN Nutrition coaches,  she started seeing great progress and others noticed as well. Leading by example, Heather lost 40lbs over the course of 4 years, went down 4 pant sizes and gained a ton of confidence. Intrigued by the changes in her own lifestyle, she began the journey of obtaining her Precision Nutrition Certification in the fall of 2018. As a Nutrition Coach, Heather looks forward to helping people change their lives for the better. Thru building positive habits that aid in building a healthy lifestyle.
Heather currently lives in Pleasant Valley, NY with her husband Steven who is a City of Poughkeepsie Firefighter, her two daughters, Tessa & Tori, and her two dogs Tanner and Trixie. When shes not in the gym coaching and training you can find her hiking or hanging poolside with her family. 

Awards & Certifications

Associates in Visual Communications

CF L-2 Trainer


Guilty Pleasure: NutellaLife

Mantra: “Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.”

Childhood Hero: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles