Erik Zeyher

Co-Founder and CEO / Nutrition Coach

Erik Zeyher (CCFT) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Move The Needle. He has helped people live longer, healthier and happier lifestyles for well over 15 years. Erik has worked with Professional Athletes like 3x LeMan’s Race Car Driver Tom Kimber-Smith, Former pro soccer player for the Chicago Fire, Craig Capano and Two Time Masters CrossFit Games Athletes CJ Russo just to name a few. 

While working with some of the world’s premier athletes, Erik also works with multiple diabetics. Erik has had 7 clients come to him with diabetes and 6 of them have put diabetes into remission getting off all or a large majority of their medications. “If what we do works to optimize health and wellness for the elite, it can also work for the sick.” 

As a 17 year old and former division one athlete Erik suffered 3 knee dislocations playing soccer in a 3 year span. He decided to hang up his soccer jersey and replaced it with CrossFit. It was that struggled that led Erik into CrossFit and Nutrition that would change the path of his life. “I wish I had the information I have now while playing college sports. My nutrition was off and I could have been a completely different athlete if I had a nutrition coach or someone to guide me. I didn’t fully understand how to fuel my body for performance. 

“My job is to dial nutrition in to the tenth degree to optimize performance for some of the fittest people on the planet. I hope to create awareness and improve athletic performances. I also hope to be “that nutrition coach that changes someone’s life. Whether an elite athlete or someone looking to get off the meds and off the couch, I want to help! ” 

Move The Needle was developed because people need help with nutrition and a reliable source that isn’t trying to up-sell or give them the magic answer with pills, shakes and everything else in between.  People who “eat good” need help. People don’t understand food, what to eat and how to get the results they’ve been trying to achieve. My job is to two fold: One is to help develop a team and staff to help other people. I want to develop a bad ass team who can help people get the results they want. The other job is to give people the opportunity to demystify nutrition so they can get the results that they’ve always wanted. 

In addition to being a Collegiate Athlete and Entrepreneur Erik is also a Husband, Dog Parent to Harvey the French Bulldog and has two cats, Alvin and Rex. Erik currently resides in the Hudson River Valley with his beautiful, witty, and loving wife Sara Zeyher (also a coach for Move The Needle who really does all of the heavy lifting). Outside of Move The Needle Erik enjoys reading, music, BBQ and is currently working on writing his first book. 

Awards and Certifications: 

BA in History / Secondary Education Marist College 

Former Division 1 Athlete 

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CCFT)

Wodapalooza Athlete 

2x Comp Train Camp Athlete 

CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Aerobic Capacity Ambassador 

Who’s Who for American College Students 

Favorite Food: Pizza – margarita, pepperoni, meat lovers, peppers (just don’t put mushrooms or pineapples on my pizza)  

Food I consume the Most: Tacos (lettuce shells)

Favorite Exercise: Movements that are extremely uncomfortable that maximize progress.  

Favorite Quote: ooo there are so many! “If you aren’t where you want to be it’s because of something you are or aren’t doing.”  Favorite Book: The Hard Hat by Jon Gordon and The One Thing by Gary Keller